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•We are Al-Mansoura international company for salt (MICSAL) , we work in salt field since 2017, in this short time we were able to take our position as a leading company in a part of the industry which is manufacturing of water softening tablets , We have the highest quality of salt tablets all over the country as well as the largest capacity of production which helps us to fulfill all of our customer needs, besides this we offer the following products:

• 1- Raw salt
• 2-Deicing Salt
• 3-Washed salt
• 4-Refined salt either coarse or fine
• 5-water softening tablets

• Salt sources can be either SEA or ROCK source

• We are able to tailor to customer needs in packaging types and weights, Our location is near to the main seaports ( Alexandria and Damietta ports) which makes us the best choice for companies importing from Egypt.

• our commitment is to supply high-quality products, constantly and on time delivery



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