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Introduction for best Water Softener Salt

It could pass unnoticed that the water softener salt you use is not the best water softener salt for your appliance. Only when something wrong happens to your water softener appliance, you get a notice from your maintenance agent that your water softener salt is not the best one for your machine. The most disappointing news comes when your maintenance agent tells you that the salt you have used is totally not working with your machine.

Therefore, you should know the best water softener salt for your water softener appliance. You are not the one to blamed really for missing out of these details about the best water softener salt for your appliance. Its because although the market and the internet heavily loaded with texts about water softener devices little if any written about the best water softener salt.

You can hardly find a satisfactory article discussing the best water softener salt for your type of water softener appliance.

Although the water softener system and your personal preference determine the best water softener salt you should pick up form aisle, here you are some fruitful information about the best water softener salt that will be a great help for you. We hope the information we are going to deliver herein would be helpful to save your money and time.

What are the types of best water softener salt?

There are different types of water softener salt to choose between them. Although you find people accustomed to some conventional brands or to sodium chloride salt, it is worth mentioning that it is rather better to have a look at the other options to determine properly the best water softener salt for the safety of your water softener appliance. One should understand the value of each water softener salt present in the market to choose the best water softener salt for his water softener appliance.

Rock salt

Rock salt is found in nature in place of what had been once a lake or lagoon. The dried up salt lacks had left salt behind salt as sediments in crystal format. Because the hardness of the salt is similar to rock hardness, ordinary people referred to this type of salt as “rock.”

The main fact about raw rock salt is that it is composed of sodium chloride along with other traces of impurities. Such impurities may not dissolve in water properly as sodium chloride. The impurities increase the possibility of clogging of the pipe system.

So, when you use raw rock salt, you should bear in mind to clean your pipe system frequently. It is very important to remove the added minerals left behind inside the brine tank.

therefore, it is better to buy the raw rock salt with high purity to avoid such untoward outcomes. You have to pick up the product with purity as high as 98% for better performance and safety profile for your appliances.

Solar salt

We get solar salt evaporating salt water in large closed lakes or lagoons. Sometimes, seawater enclosed and isolated from the open sea and allowed to evaporate. The sedimentation of salt following water evaporation harvested and collected in a certain place. The harvested salt left to dry up the hot sun. the salt crystals of sodium chloride then, collected and shipped to the customers.

why solar salt is one of the best Water Softener Salt?

Because solar salt is a natural seawater salt, it is highly soluble in water and leaves no clogs or scales behind. It is good for your pipe system. You can use solar salt for your brine tank when you don’t want to bother yourself with maintenance.

Solar salt comes in bulk. Some water softener salt tablets manufacturers provide solar salt in tablet form. You should take the recommended amount as per the manufacturer of your water softener appliance recommendation. Many customers find bulk solar salt inconvenient when it comes to determining the amount needed. Also, waste of salt is inevitable during purring the package into the brine tank. therefore, it is better to use tablets instead of the bulk form for better estimation of the amount of salt needed and to avoid unnecessary waist.

however, using the tablet form will save you time and appliance as well. By adding tablets you can precisely determine the amount needed will minimal or no residues.

You can see this article for more information rock salt

Evaporated salt

Evaporated salt

The evaporated salt is similar to solar salt in that water is allowed to evaporate. The main difference is that the evaporated salt is allowed to dissolve from its raw state. This step is essential to remove impurities and unwanted materials. Next, the saline solution is converted back to salt, sodium chloride, by heating. Heating is very useful in removing all the moisture in salt. The net result is a hundred percent sodium chloride.

why evaporated salt considered one of best water softener salt ?

Evaporated salt is the purest, 100%, sodium chloride. It is the second name to perfection for your water softener appliance. No clogs, no scales, and no frequent maintenance.

However, it is a little bit costly. It is manufactured salt. However, the cost is still affordable by some to save the time and money of the maintenance and prolong the lifetime of the water softener appliances.

Potassium salt

Potassium salt

Potassium salt and sodium salt are alike in terms of water softening. When sodium chloride in water considered unfavorable for a health issue including those on salt restriction diet for health problem (hypertension and heart disease), the potassium salt is the solution. Sodium chloride added to the water after softening treatment.

Sodium chloride has started to be used for water softeners in 1900. In 1980, some customers had been aware of the equivalent effects of potassium chloride to sodium chloride in water. Since then, potassium salt has come to the market place head to head to sodium chloride.

Hydrogen or hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen or hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound, not a salt, that used as a water softener agent and disinfectant. It is very powerful in killing germs a purify water.

All you need to do is to add hydrogen peroxide to your softening regenerator. You will enjoy the softening of water as well as killing any germs that could be present in water.

Hydrogen peroxide is good for health-conscious people and those who interested in using eco-friendly substances. However, maintenance needed very frequently. The released hydrogen ions can damage the brine tank and the regenerator.


Tablet salt

Tablet salt form is the better than the bulk salt form for your water softener appliance. The tablet form is perfect to allow adding the recommended amount of salt without unnecessary losses. The salt tablet dissolves completely in water. So, no harm done to the pipe system. Your pipe system will remain open for a long time.

The tablet salt from [Micsal] is the best water softener salt you would get from above the aisle. The concentration of our [company] tablet salt is up to 99.8%; the highest concentration ever.

We Micsal have three brand Eco salt tablet, HighQ salt tablet, and Vacum salt tablet with sodium chloride concentration 99.2%, 99.5%, and 99.8% respectively.

We also have Micsal salt with all grades and grain sizes. The package is either 10,  25 kg and 50 kg. Salt from [Micsal] comes also in jumbo sizes 1.0, 1.2, and 1,5 tons.

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