How bulk water softener salt work and why we need it


Bulk water softener salt

Introduction to bulk water softener salt

We [Micsal] take care of our customers time as well as the requirements. So, we micsal provide our customers with a wide variation of everything. We have a wide range of products specifications for our customers to select whatever you prefer. Moreover, we offer our customers bulk water softener salt or 10 and 25kg PE bags. Micsal products such as raw /de-icing sea salt, raw/ de-icing rock salt, washed /industrial sea salt, and refined edible salt delivered as per customers’ preference as bulk salt or in bags.

We manufacture our own products micsal. So, we are always ready to ship whatever the quantity and the quality to our dear customers to the door.


Water softener salt

We provide brand Micsal as bulk water softener salt for hotels, schools, and industry. Bulk water softener salt from our [company] 100% pure with variable concentrations to meet your needs. The concentration of our [company] bulk water softener concentration is 99.2%, 99.5%, and 99.8%. The wide range of sodium chloride concentration in our [company] bulk water softener salt is a matter of flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

Water softener salt

The bulk water softener salt is good for your appliance. No clogs will occur in your pipe system. Then, this will reduce the costs of maintenance and prolongs the life span of your appliance. So, when you use our bulk water softener salt, you will not bother changing your water softener appliance shortly and even maintain it every now and then.


How bulk water softener salt work

Why we need soft water

Hard water is loaded with calcium and magnesium salts. Although these two elements are essential to us. Too much of calcium and magnesium is harmful to us. Therefore, we should remove the unnecessary elements from the water before using water for drinking.

Hard water is not a suitable media for dissolving or suspending certain materials. Therefore, hard water is not good for washing dishes. When you use hard water to wash your dishes, you will be surprised with spots on them when dry. This will not be a happy surprise. When you have a shower, a thin film would cover your skin. It is not convenient, isn’t it? Hard water is responsible for clogging up of your plumbing system. Maintenance of clogged plumbing system means more trouble and costs.

When you use a water softener appliance, you will feel relaxed and convenient. The dishes will be clean with no spots. No film is left on your skin and the plumbing system is safe for years.

The solution

The solution

The main solution is to remove the calcium and magnesium from hard water. This process is called water treatment. A water softener is a mechanical appliance for water treatment. A water softener is plumbed into the water supply of your home.

This softener contains a resin; a chemical substance that attaches to calcium and magnesium and leaves them in return for sodium. Sodium chloride is the source of sodium for this exchange process. Sodium chloride for water softening comes either in bags or bulks.

Bulk water softener salt is essential for your water treatment appliances. Whether you are at home, running a business, or relaxing in a resort you always need soft water for your daily use. Bulk water softener salt provides you the opportunity to get soft water with convenience. Bulk water softener salt is easy to use and easy to store for future usage.


How to make sure

It would be a question in mind. How can I make sure that the bulk water softener salt I have bought works effectively? It is a good question indeed. The answer is simple.  Salt manufacturers who provide you with the bulk water softener salt would provide you with test kits as well. These tool kits are used to test your water according to Standard measures. You can, also, visit the Yellow Pages if you are not happy with the kits provided by the bulk water softener salt manufacturers. The Yellow Pages will show you where you can have test tool kits to examine water.

It would be very nice to know that water hardness is measured in grains per gallon. The unit is designated like this GPG. Another unit that you may be confronted with is the milligrams per liter that is equivalent to the part per million units (ppm). It is designated as mg/l. When you get the reading of 1 GPG, you have soft water. A reading between 60 to 120 GPG means moderately hard water.


Points to consider

water softener salt,as a form, is remarkably suitable  for your machine. Having bulk water softener, can be convenient for you under certain circumstances. however, concerning the storability and  safety to your appliances, we do recommend the tablet form.

safety to your appliances

It is worth noting that, those on a sodium-restricted diet for health issues would not be happy with the presence of sodium in their treated water. Although the amount of sodium that remains in water is very minor, they may not help to feel worried and anxious. The salty taste of the soft water may not be convenient for some people.

In these two cases, the solution is simple. You have the choice to use a water dispenser. A water dispenser will remove the minor sodium chloride residues for your convenience.


How to make your bulk water softener lives longer

Choose the right brand

When you go to the department store, you will be surprised with the many brands of water softener salt bags on the aisles. Some are cheap, some are costly. Bulk water softener salt comes to you with a reasonable price and can be stored in a dry place for quite a long time.

Purity is the most important issue when you chose your brand. It is advisable to choose the 100% pure sodium chloride with 99.8% sodium chloride to ensure the maximum efficacy and safety as well. then, you can choose either bulk or tablet water softener salt that  provides you with the ultimate specifications for your appliances.

Choose the right brand

Clean the brine tank

The most terrible thing that you may find in your brine tank is hard domes of salt with air pockets beneath and salt crusts. Don’t worry. It is easy to clean up. Use a broomstick or the like to break up the domes. Then, by a vacuum cleaner, you can remove the “dust.” Finally, use soap and water to clean the tank.

It is worth mentioning that the salt domes and crusts have nothing to do with your bulk water softener salt you bought. On the contrary, it is related to adding too much or too frequent salt in the tank. Please, check with water softener manufacturer, the recommended amount for your appliance.

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Clean the resin tank injector

Salt impurities or associated dirt may plug the injector of your resin tank. First, you would shut off the water. Then, carry out manual regeneration to decrease water pressure. Finally, remove the caps on both sides of your softener head. You will find the injector on the right side of the head. Start cleaning the injector as well as the screen.

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