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Driveway salt

Snow and ice can be anything from a nuisance to hazard. In cold climate countries where snow covers the roads, sideways and sidewalks, salt is the natural substance that brings a solution to you. You can use salt to open your driveway, parking area, or sideroads to your neighbors.

The use of salt to open the High way should be carried out with caution. Some types of salts are harmful to concrete and would destroy buildings in the long run usage. The type of salt you should use to open the driveway should be eco-friendly and safe.

Types of driveway salt

The most common salt for managing your driveway snow is sodium chloride salt. However, other types are present there on the aisles. You may wonder which of which is good for your driveway; which of which is eco-friendly; and which of which is affordable.

It is worth to know that salt works by decreasing the freezing point of the water. This means that water will freeze, and snow is formed at a degree lower than zero degree Celsius. Therefore, your driveway will be kept for days clear with no snow covering it.

In addition, when you have pets running in the garden or rooming around, you should be deadly sure that the salt you have chosen is safe for them. You should ask your vet or pet agent about how your pet tolerates salt and which type is the safest.

Rock salt

Rock salt is the most common type of salts that you can use for your way. As, It is cheap and decreases the freezing point of water down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Long days would elapse before you need more of this salt.

The major point in Rock salt is that Rock salt is mainly sodium chloride. Besides, it is the most important issue about rock salt is that it can damage your concrete.  Rock salt has no direct damaging action to concrete. Rock salt allows snow to melt. However, water will insinuate between the cracks of concrete to freeze there. The frozen water in the concrete cracks is dangerous. The frozen water will widen the cracks leading to breaking of the concrete.

One more thing, when accidentally ingested sodium chloride would be harmful to children and pets when the deicing salt comes in concentration not suitable for them. When you have children at home, or you are a pet lover, you should take care of using the most appropriate rock salt for your driveway.

Calcium chloride driveway salt

It is an expensive type of salt for your driveway. The most important benefits of calcium chloride are that it does not damage concrete, and it is safe for your pets. Moreover, calcium chloride works on temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, your driveway will remain clears for weeks even.

The point against calcium chloride is its toxicity to grass and flowers. When you have a lawn, you should be cautious. When the snow melts, water runs off into your lawn damaging everything green.

Magnesium chloride driveway salt

Magnesium chloride is very expensive. The benefits you get worth the money. magnesium chloride is eco-friendly and safe to your pets. Magnesium chloride does not damage concrete.

However, the main point that would be inconvenient to you is that it works at temperature down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it is better than sodium chloride, it lies behind calcium chloride.

Calcium magnesium acetate driveway salt

Calcium magnesium acetate is the most expensive and the safest driveway salt ever, and is echo-friendly and pets-friendly. It is safe for your lawn as well. your concrete will not be damaged. Moreover, one point against calcium magnesium acetate is that it would break cement at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Here, we conclude that rock salt sodium chloride is the most favourable driveway salt for your driveway, sidewalk, and door front.

How to prepare your driveway for salt application

When you choose the right driveway salt, the second mission begins. So, You should apply this salt in an effective way. You should be careful not to waste your money and get the maximum effect out of the salt. The most effective and safe salt at the same time is especially expensive.

Please, take care of the following steps before applying driveway salt.

Even spread

Piles of salts do not work more powerfully than a handful amount. You need to spread salt evenly over the way to get the best benefit. Please, resist the temptation to heap salt on some areas that you would thing need more care. spreading your driveway salt evenly over your driveway or your parking area will ensure the maximal effect and save your money. You will use less and get more.

Not too much, no too little

Balance is something difficult to apply. You should resist the temptation of adding too much and too little. You should know that the amount of driveway salt will not enhance the effect of driveway salt. So, save your money and use a handful amount for each square meter arbitrary. Too much driveway salt heaping on one area could be harmful. When the snow melts, water will find its way to your lawn, pets, and concrete.

Clean paws and hands

When you use your hand to spread driveway salt, you should wash then carefully after finishing the task. Salt can cause skin irritation. Some people may have a sensitivity to salt. Using gloves is better to avoid the untoward effects of driveway salt.

When you take your pet with you to go around. It is better to clean the paws on arriving home. Salt could be harmful to your pet as well.

Shovel first and spread second

It is better to shovel snow out or your driveway before spreading driveway salt. Driveway salt works better when applied directly on the soil to prevent new snow accumulation. You may use a shovel, or you may use trucks supplied by the local municipality.

Our company Micsal

Micsal provides  Raw Rock salt for our customers. Raw Rock salt from Micsal is granular white or yellow deicing salt.

With Rock Salt from Micsal, never stop hitting the road in snowy weather. Micsal will not allow snow to heap on your driveway, parking, or road surfaces. You will spend long day snow-free.

Properties: A gift of Mother Nature, is raw rock salt in grain form. The granular top grade salt is white/yellow in color. The 98.1% pure sea salt comes in bags/bulk with a grain size up to 20mm, moisture ≤ 1;1.5%, and water insoluble 0.37% max. The values of these parameters for other species will be offered per our customers’ request as well.


Shipment utilize the following processes: EX-work , FOB, CFR, CIF, and D.D

Our customers are welcome to visit us in Egypt where we produce the purest raw rock salt from Mother Nature. We are keen to maintain the gifts of nature intact.

Our Commitment is to deliver high-quality products, constantly, on time delivery.

Wish you all the best.



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