Micsal brand (Eleila Salt bags)

Eleila salt bags is a refined iodized product from Micsal salt. Eleila is a refined iodized rock salt with fine or coarse grains.



Usage: the Eleila salt bags are refined iodized rock salt from the dried lakes of ancient Egypt. We process the naturally occurring salt to be ready for your use. We use the most advanced technology to preserve natural minerals. In addition, we fortify Eleila salt bags with iodine according to your preferences.

Micsal: A gift of Mother Nature, is rock salt in fine and coarse grain form. The granular top grade salt is white in color. The 99.45% pure rock salt comes with a grain size of 0:1 or 1.2:2mm and moisture ≤ 3%, and water insoluble 0.06% max.

Iodine: Eleila salt bags are fortified with iodine normally between 30-70 ppm , we can tailor to your needs of added iodine either it is Null or High

Nationality: Egypt

Weight: 1

Shelf life: 3 years

Supply: 3000 tons monthly- in bulk

Package: Eleila comes in 400, 500, 1000 gm bags for your convenience.

Delivery: depends on order quantity. We are committed to delivering the products on time with no delay.

MOQ: 24 metric ton

Payments: T/T, LC

Shipment port: shipment will be from either Alexandria or Damietta ports.

Our customers are welcome to visit us in Egypt where we produce the purest raw rock salt from Mother Nature. We are keen to maintain the gifts of nature intact.


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