Road salt suppliers


Road salt suppliers


Road salt suppliers

When winter comes, snow covers the main and side roads. Almost everything turns white. Although you may have a happy time skiing, you may be inconvenient about the pills of snow on the roads and worried about driving in such weather.

The local municipalities use road salt for deicing the roads for peaceful driving. We Micsal are one of the best road salt suppliers in Egypt and the Middle East. Among all Road salt suppliers, we are experts in the ins and outs of road salt in terms of types and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we keen to offer road salt in the highest qualities in the market among all road salt suppliers. We provide our excellent products for both large business enterprises and individuals.

To stand out of the crowd of the road salt suppliers, we offer the best, affordable, and competitive price ever. The competitive price has nothing to do with quality. We committed to providing the best quality among the road salt suppliers with variable concentration as per your preferences.

Micsal Raw/ De-icing Rock Salt

With our products, you will worried when hitting the roads in such snowy weather. Micsal raw/ de-icing rock salt is a granular top grade salt that comes in white to yellow color. It is 98.1% pure rock salt. We deliver our product either in bags or as bulk. The typical Micsal raw deicing rock salt has a grain of 0:20 mm as per your requirement, 1:2% moisture and 0.37% maximum water insoluble. Please, feel free to choose the specifications that meet your industry as well as your preference.

Bulk raw/ de-icing rock salt is available. The package options range from low amount package including 10, 20, and 50 kg bags, to large jumbo bags of 1, 1.2, and 1.5 tons. In addition, the packing options are not restricted to our choices. Your choices are highly considered when dealing with us.

Why we need deicing

Apart from the roads, we need deicing for trains and railways. The rail switches need deicing too. Pills of snow affect badly the brakes, suspension, and couplers. Therefore, deicing is very important for traveling safely by train.

Moreover, rail switches are sensitive to snow accumulation, they need the most effective deicing to ensure continuous functionality.

Deicing of the aircraft is very important too. When it is freezing weather, the frozen contaminants add to the roughness of the critical control surfaces. This situation is very dangerous on airflow and the ability of the wing to generate lift.

The crushed small pieces of ice or snow can hit the engine and the propellers causing serious damage and catastrophes.

The control surfaces can be jammed by the small flakes of snow or frozen contaminants. The malfunction of the control surfaces has very serious consequences. Deicing usually carried out at the airports when temperature touches the zero Celsius / 32 Fahrenheit.

Raw/ deicing sea salt from Micsal

Micsal Raw/ deicing sea salt is granular and white.The raw/ deicing salt is  96% pure that comes in bags/bulk with a grain size 0:20 mm, moisture ≤ 3%, and water insolubles 0.5% max. The values of these parameters will be offered per our customers’ request as well.

As regard package, it come in 10, 25, 50 kg bags, 1, 1.2, 1.5 jumbo bags; bulk shipment is also available. Packing is flexible as per our customers’ request.


Type of road salt for road deicing

Sodium chloride road salt

Sodium chloride is the most common road salt deicer in the market, and able to reduce the freezing point of water to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 10 degrees Celsius). At this point, accidents are reduced by 88%. The high effectivity of sodium chloride makes it the most favorable road salt for deicing. Most of the road salt suppliers prefer to offer their customers sodium chloride rock salt for road deicing.

The points against the use of sodium chloride as a road deicing salt are that sodium chloride is not eco-friendly. Sodium chloride dissolves in the melting ice water and runoff to surface and groundwater. Sodium chloride shows corrosive properties. These properties would damage roads, buildings, bridges, and any cement structures.

Moreover, sodium chloride is not safe for your pits. You need to clean the paw of your pits after a funny walk on roads.

Although these negative impactions, sodium chloride is so beneficial deicing salt with a high safety profile on humans. Therefore, sodium chloride is expected to live longer in the market.

Magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride comes as flakes, pellets, and liquid form, and added to sodium chloride to enhance its performance. Together, sodium and magnesium chloride the freezing point of water reaches down to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 degrees Celsius).

Calcium chloride road salt

Calcium chloride road salt

Many road salt suppliers prefer delivering calcium chloride for their customers. At the interesting point in calcium chloride road salt is the high safety profile. Calcium chloride is not corrosive to roads. No road damage exists after extensive use of Calcium chloride as a deicing salt. Then,  calcium chloride salt works best at temperature down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degrees Celsius). Therefore, calcium chloride works best in very cold places where temperature can go down to minus 13 Fahrenheit.

Calcium chloride for road salt is costly. For those who are keen on Mother Nature, calcium chloride is eco-friendly. You can hardly find any residue after its use. Calcium chloride is safe for pets as well. You can take your dog for a walk on the roads without being worried about cleaning the paws. However, sodium chloride is cheaper and gives the same effects. Moreover, sodium chloride is more natural than calcium chloride.


Carbohydrate deicing

Carbohydrate-based deicers from road salt companies show promising sales in the market. Carbohydrates are not affecting the melting point of water as-is. Carbohydrates decrease the melting point of ice or snow when added to another effective deicing salt. Moreover, carbohydrates counterbalance the corrosive effect of sodium chloride on steel and concrete.

Choosing the road salt

Choosing the road salt

Looking for the best road salt supplies should include the effectiveness of deicing reputation. Then, you need your customers to feel happy all the time. Happy customer needs the road open right now, not after a while. That is why you should search for the road salt suppliers who provide the best quality and the fastest effect.

Open invitation 

We Micsal invite our dear customers to visit Egypt and have a look at our effort to provide the best quality of everything. Our guests have the chance to visit the rock salt resources at Natron Valley and enjoy the warm sun of Egypt. They can enjoy a few days stay in Siwa oasis where the sea salt is harvested.

Our dedication is to provide our customers with the highest quality of our products, constantly, and on time delivery.


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