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What is rock salt?


Rock salt is the natural type of sodium chloride in nature. This salt also called Halite which means salt in Greek. Rock salt (Halite) is typical with no color or white. However, other colors such as light blue, dark blue, purple, or pink can be added depending on the presence of other materials. Being naturally present, this salt can included with other materials or impurities. Moreover, different structural or isotopic abnormalities found within the salt.

You may wonder how salt formed in nature, and this salt is typically a sea salt. When lakes, playas, or lagoons isolated from the sea and fed no more by fresh saltwater. then, the enclosed water body started to evaporate.

Evaporation of water under the effect of the high temperature is typically a slow process. However, finally salt is sediment at the vast beds of saltwater bodies harvested by us.

Where is rock salt?

In the US for example, vast underground beds of sedimentary evaporate rock salt occupy the area from the Appalachian basin of western New York through parts of Ontario.

In Egypt, where our micsal is one of the eminent rock salt suppliers, rock salt is equated with gold in ancient as well as modern Egypt.  We micsal as rock salt suppliers brings rock salt from Natron Valley and Siwa Oasis.

Natron Valley is known as the most important resource of this salt in Ancient Egypt. Also, the topmost usage of Natron Valley & Siwa Oases rock salt is for mummification. Recently, scientists have discovered preserving and antibacterial properties of the Natron Valley rock salt.

Rock salt suppliers

Rock salt suppliers compete between themselves to provide the best for their customers. We  Micsal are the best salt suppliers in Egypt and the Middle East who provide you with the best of them all. Therefore, this salt from Natron Valley and Siwa Oasis are the best international salt for multiple purposes. So, you don’t need to bother comparing rock salt suppliers. Pick up the bag that has our name and logo and it’s done.

You may resort to Yellow Pages for rock salt suppliers, You will find several dozens of them. However,  among the rock salt suppliers, we micsal can keep up with your needs even when the demands are high in the winter season.

We micsal stand out of the crowd of the rock salt suppliers to provide you the best service you deserve. in addition to that, We have specialists in customer service and our always-ready shipment are dependable and reliable.

Deicing rock salt

The usage of rock salt

Deicing rock salt

Pills of snow are over there closing the car roads, the parking, and the driveway. Rock salt suppliers have variable brands of variable purification, concentration, and safety. Therefore, You may spend hours before pointing out to one or another, so, this is a waste of time.

Micsal deicing salt is a salt for you with the top-most specifications and qualifications. It is a gift from Mother Nature. Micsal raw deicing salt is granular, white, and 96% pure sea salt. We deliver our micsal rock salt in bags or as bulk. So, we also offer you this salt with the specifications you like best, specifications that match your own needs.

Micsal deicing salt prevents water from freezing at zero degree Celsius. Micsal raw deicing salt decreases the freezing point, snow formation, down to 20 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy long days with snow-free driveway, walkway, and parking. You can use it once for days reflecting the economic benefit of our Micsal raw deicing salt.

We are excited to invite you to visit us in Egypt to see yourself how we prepare this salt for your needs. You will see with your own eyes how we keep the natural. This salt contains secret gifts from Mother Nature, and we keep these gift there for you. You are welcome at any time of the year.

Washed /industrial sea salt

Washed /industrial sea salt

Sea salt from Micsal is white, granular and 100% natural.The washed/ industrial sea salt from Micsal is beneficial for all industrial purposes. Micsal washed/industrial salt is suitable for pigment, soap, and petroleum industry. It is also of choice in pharmaceutical industry when perfection is a must.

Micsal washed industrial sea salt comes in grain form. The granular top grade salt is white in color. The 97% pure sea salt comes in bags/bulk with a grain size up to 15mm, moisture ≤ 3%, and water insoluble 0.5% max. The values of these parameters for other species will be offered as per our customers’ request as well.

Refined Salt-Edible Salt

Superior to other rock salt suppliers, we Micsal provide you with processed salt as well. Refined edible salt from Micsal is the best for your table salt. Hence, Refined edible salt processed to make it suitable for eating as well as safe, you can have it either fine or coarse grains.

As per your needs, we Micsal fortify Micsal refined salt with 30-70 ppm iodine for your health. Iodine is ultimately beneficial for those who live at the seashore where food is lacking iodine. Fortifying our edible salt with iodine meets the daily needs of iodine of human bodies.

Micsal edible rock salt comes to you in packages 10, 25, 50 kg bags for small to moderate level of consumption. When you need more, we have more:1, 1.2, 1.5 jumbo bags are also available for our customers. For your convenience, we can ship Micsal edible salt in bags as per your request and specifications.

Shipment is from Alexandria and Demietta, the main ports of Egypt.

Eleila salt bags

We micsal feel honor when we provide you Eleila salt bags. These bags are typically rock salt. Eleila is a refined salt from Egypt. So, It processed specially for you. You can have Eleila salt either as fine or coarse grains. Eleila edible salt is white in color with 99.45% sodium chloride concentration.

Similar to all our edible products, we fortify our salt with iodine, and comes with 30-70 ppm iodine or as you may need.

Eleila comes in 400, 500, 1000 gm bags for your convenience. besides, we are always shipping from Alexandria and Demietta main Egyptian ports directly to your store.

We are happy to invite you to visit us in Egypt to have a tour from the natural resources of salt in Natron Valley and Siwa Oasis to shipment ports through our headquarter in Demietta.


We are proud to be committed to delivering the highest quality products, constantly, and on time delivery, and always footing to satisfy our customers’ needs.


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