Salt tablets | Why salt tablets forms like medical tables and what are their advantages


Why tablet form for salt tablets?

Tablet salt

What is the tablet form?


The salt tablet form is the most common form for your water softener appliance in the market. You may wonder why salt tablets come in that forms- tablets like medical tables. It is better to know what the tablet is? and what it made from?, then why the water softeners salt tablet used for your appliance will be revealed.

Tablets are a solid form containing the active ingredient for your water softener appliance. The tablet form allows us to deliver the active ingredient – sodium chloride- in crystalline or granular form with or without diluents. The tablets varied in shape, size, convexity, and color. One important thing about tablets is that we can control the properties of tablets such as hardness, the degree of disintegration, and the dissolution characteristics. Thickness can also controlled during the manufacturing process. Other additive ingredients can be added to enhance some of the properties of the active ingredients. These substances are either fillers, diluent, binders, disintegrates, anti-adherents, and more.

Why salt tablets?

There are various advantages of the tablet form of salt tablets for your water softener. The first and the most important is the ease of use. You can add the exact amount of salt to the appliance with ease. The tablet form ensures that nothing will wasted during adding these tablets to your water softener appliance. When you use dusted salt, for example, there is a possibility that some powder goes out of the appliance. This will cause not only an inconvenience but a waste of your money as well.

Our company Micsal offers you the Egyptian salt tablet in 10, 25, 50 , 50 kg packages for your convenience. We have three brands for you Eco salt tablet, HighQ salt tablets, and vacuum salt tablets. The salt tablets come in a concentration 99.2%, 99.5%, 99.8%   respectively. We have, in Micsal, all grades and grain sizes available for your choice.

One more thing about the salt tablets from Micsal is the complete dissolution of the tablets.  salt will remain in the tablet until complete dissolution occurred. This is very economical for you, Waste is always null. Moreover, the perfect dissolution of salt tablets from Micsal allows the water to pass freely through the piping system without clogging or jamming by the non-dissolved particles (dust). Therefore, the lifetime of your machine will be prolonged. Also, the maintenance costs will  reduced. You needn’t screw and unscrew the appliance every time you add salts to the system.

salt tablets

The advantages of tablet form for salt tablets

The tablets are very stable over the shelf. The salt tablets can be kept over the shelf without harm. In such form, the chemical ingredient will keep the properties intact as regards the physical-chemical, and microbiological aspect. The form is cheap as compared to other forms like blocks. Therefore, one can use salt tablets from our company with a great safety profile.

These tablets are using with very ease ways, no additional procedures are necessary. So, you just add the tablets form Micsal and let go. In large volume, You can estimate the number of tablets needed, this means that you choose the correct dose and the correct substance.

The tablet form provides stability to the ingredient. In fact, salt in the salt tablets are stable, however, the tablet form protects sodium chloride- in the tablet form- from catching humidity and consequently will not be useful for the purpose you had bought the salt tablets for.

The manufacturing of these tablets is less costly as compared to the other forms of the same ingredient. The low cost for the manufacturer means a low price for the consumers. Finally, you will have the products from our company Micsal with a reasonably low price for your continuous use.

Moreover, the packing is cheap, so you needn’t pay much. It is also storable in this form. So, you can use it at your convenience without being affected by humidity, for example.

The tablet formula would allow a homogeneous dissolution of the ingredient in the water softener appliance. The manufactured tablets from Micsal dissolute with ease and to the maximum amount in the water softener appliances.

Why salt tablets form Micsal

We Micsal a leading company in Egypt-Middle East- that manufacture salt tablets for water softeners with international quality norms. Under an extremely hygienic condition, our products are manufactured to offer salt tablets of water softener appliance for domestic usage, hospital utilization, and industry support. All our brands are offered to our dear clients at market leading rates.

What are  the ingredients of our salt tablets

Our tablets come in three main brands Eco, HighQ, and, Vacum salt tablet. Eco salt tablets come with a sodium chloride concentration of 99.2% in a package of 10, 25, 50 kgs. HighQ salt tablets contain 99.5% of sodium chloride and come in a package of 10, 25, 50 kgs. last but not lease, Vacum salt tablet have sodium chloride in a concentration of 99.8%, the highest concentration in the market. Moreover, we have Micsal salts with all grades and grain sizes that are suitable for all degrees of water hardness and safe to use for all types of water softeners. Micsal comes in packages of different weights: 10, 25, 50 kg, and 1, 1.2, and 1.5 tons jumbo bags. Please, feel free to pick up the concentration and the package that fits well your needs.

Hotels who are keen to deliver the best service ever to their VIP clients will find our salt tablet for water treatment very supportive. These tablets from Micsal offers the five-stars hotels the on-the-top salt tablets for water softeners appliances.

In the following section, you will find that we offer not only the quality but also the quality with a large volume delivery is available. So, your water is always soft and ready for your guests.

In addition, we offer variable ways of shipping: EX-work, FOB, CFR, CIF, and D.D. We ensure and guarantee the best quality, the best way of shipment, and the best time of delivery. From our company Micsal you will get a competitive price and quantity. The quality is that you are looking for. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality products, constantly, and on time.

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