Water softeners salt, why we use such softeners?


Water softeners salt for hard water treatment

Water hardness

Hard water a name given to the water that contains high levels of both calcium or magnesium or either. When we use water with high levels of these two elements, we risk our pipe systems and limescale buildup. Limescale is a white, chalky material of calcium carbonate that would deposit in kettles, utensils, and washing machines due to water hardness. Hard water is turbid and cloudy in appearance. Water softeners salt used to counteract the effect of these two minerals in the water. This kind of salt replaces calcium and magnesium on the ion exchange resin and allowing them to pass through the draining system.

A word of caution:

When you use hard water, you are at high risk of passing through unpleasant experiences. You may get dingy clothes and unpleasant deposits on your glassware and cooking utensils. Moreover, scales would build up in your water pipe system and of fixtures causing serious trouble to water flow.

In addition, hard water can damage domestic machines or tools that use water such as your dishwasher, your coffee-maker, and water heaters. When we use water softeners salt, water changes from hard to soft and becomes safe for your health and your domestic machines.

This is why we should use water softener appliances at our houses:

Water softeners use water softeners salt (water conditioning) to remove excess minerals that present in water such as calcium and magnesium, Ion exchange resins used for that purpose. Finally, you will have soft and safe water with perfect look, taste, and smell, the water softeners salt that usually used is sodium chloride.

Soft water is good for you to drink:

It is also good for your domestic machines and tools that use water including heaters, dishwashers, and coffeemakers. These domestic machines would either be damaged or malfunctioned if the water supply is of hard water type. Thanks to the water softener salt you can now drink and use water with safety.

Home Water softener Systems

Home Water softener Systems

Nowadays, there are plenty of water softener systems that can be used easily at home. They utilize water softener salts for that purpose. You can use one of these systems to get soft water, good for your health and safety for your domestic machines. Ion exchange technique used to remove water hardness in most of the appliances at home.

Hard water elements replaced by sodium ions, the degree of hardness varies:

moderate hardness ranges from 61-120 mg/L of calcium carbonate while very hard water has 180 mg/L calcium carbonate contents. It is the role of the water softeners salt to reduce these figures to a safe level of soft water.

How water softeners salt work

Resins are electrostatically sensitive plastic beads that participate in the process of ion exchange to remove the unwanted minerals. When resin capture the dissolved calcium or magnesium ions, another sodium or potassium ions are released or “exchanged.” Sodium is the element that usually used as water softeners salt to be exchanged for calcium or magnesium.

When the resin beads are heavily loaded with the dissolved salts, calcium and magnesium, they regenerated. A brine solution containing this salt that used for this purpose. The resin beads grasp sodium ions from the brine solution and release calcium and magnesium that will be flushed out of the entire system into the drain. Regeneration of the resin beads will make them ready for another “session.”

You may need to test your water for hardness before getting water softener machine with the water softeners salt

Types of water softeners salt

You will be confronted with two types of minerals, sodium, and potassium, that form the body of the water softeners salt in the market. Sodium chloride and potassium chloride are running neck to neck in sales. They are naturally occurring minerals with nearly the same and similar potency and efficacy for water softening.

Sodium chloride:

present in nature as a result of the drying of lakes and lagoons when they become disconnected from the sea. Sodium chloride used only as water softeners salt for water softener appliances. It is cheap, when coasting matters, and readily available in a variety of forms such as crystals, pellets, tablets, and cubes.

Potassium chloride:

used mainly for agricultural purposes, works the same way as sodium chloride (salt). Potassium is important for human health as well as plant growth. It is of essential nutrient value as well.

When a home member has a health problem related to sodium, hypertension of example, it is better to use water softeners salt containing potassium instead of sodium. However, it is more expensive.

How to buy a water softeners salt

Before you go to the department stores and get a salt for a water softener appliance, you need to find out the answers to these queries. The first is about the brand, is it eco-friendly. Which of which is on the top of my preferences the health benefits or the price is the second query.

Third, if you have hypertension or cardiac problem or any other illness that would be affected by excess sodium in water or food, you can ask your general practitioner. You should shift away from sodium containing water softeners salt.

Our company Micsal

Our company Micsal provides you with the most efficacious water softeners salt for your machine. Whatever water softener appliance you have chosen already, our water softeners salt will befriend with your chosen machine.

We Micsal provide you with three brands with three different concentrations of water softeners salt :

1- Eco salt tablets.

2- HighQ salt tablets.

3- Vacum salt tablets with sodium chloride concentrations of 99.2%, 99.5%, and 99.8% respectively.

The package of the Eco salt tablets, HighQ salt tablets, and vacuum salt tablets come in a package of 10,25, 50 kg that would be suitable for your domestic heavy use.

Larger packages for large houses and industry come with Micsal salt brand as 50 kg package. Higher packages are also available including 1, 1.2, 15 tons jumbo bags.

We have very powerful transportation system thanks to our unique location in Demietta close to the seaport for exportation of our products. Shipment will be ensured through EX-work , FOB, CFR, CIF, D.D.

Our Commitment is to deliver high-quality products, constantly, on time delivery.

Find more information in https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-do-water-softeners-wo/




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