What are Water softener salt tablets, and the benefits of using them in cleaning


Water softener salt tablets

Why we need water softener salt tablets.

Water softener salt tablets are useful to remove the hardness of water, so you can have a shower easily, get soap bubbles and clean your clothes in the washing machine. Without using water softener salt tablets, many unpleasant things and even harmful events would result.

When you use hard water without pretreatment with water softener salt tablets, the washed dishes will be covering with spots when dry, which is not good for you at all. Water in your shower would leave a film on everything that comes in contact with water. Finally, your plumbing system will clogs easily and frequently, which is really a troublesome situation and will be a hard time for you.

The result of using water softener salt tablets:

With the use of water softener salt tablets, the hard water becomes soft and you will find everything in the correct order. You can detect water hardness when you notice that foam is lacking when water comes in contact with soap. Also, in the laundry, the soap curd can find its way to the fibers of your clothes keeping it dirty, trapped in the fibers and stiffening the fabric.

Water softener salt tablets

Why water becomes hard

Hard water, not treated with water softener salt tablets, has high mineral contents. When water passes through deposits of limestone and chalk in nature, water becomes loaded with calcium and magnesium carbonates. Hard water can be harmful to us as well as to the industry. Boilers, cooling towers, and others are endangering by the use of hard water. Therefore, in the industry as well as in the domestic use, hard water pretreated with the water softener salt tablets beforehand.

How to treat water hardness with water softener salt tablets

Of course, the main target is to remove the calcium and magnesium salts from water.   Although there are many ways to remove water hardness, water softener salt tablets represent the best solution. Our company (Micsal) provide you with the water softener salt tablets for you at home or in your industry. Let’s see how you can manage water hardness yourself.

The mechanical appliance of a water softener plumbed into your water supply system at your home. The operating process can be imagined as a trade of the unwanted minerals, here are calcium and magnesium. For something else; in most cases, it is sodium chloride that constitutes as the main component of Micsal’s water softener salt tablets. You would like to know that this process is called ion exchange.

How the process of ion exchange works?

we recall from chemistry that both calcium and magnesium ions have positive charges as well as sodium chloride, albeit not stronger than the positive charge of both calcium and magnesium. Therefore, The water softener appliance comes with a mineral tank. The mineral tank filled with beads of polystyrene, also referred to as resin or zeolite. These beads carry a negative charge. When the hard water passes through the mineral tank, the positive ions of calcium and magnesium attracted to the beads in the mineral tank. The water softener appliance comes with an additional brine tank. The brine tank contains the softener salt that had been already prepared from water softener salt tablets bought from our company Micsal.

When you allow the brine solution flow into the mineral tank that has beads already saturated with calcium and magnesium, the shearing movement of the sodium ions volume words to drive the calcium and magnesium ions off the beads. Then, these free ions of calcium and magnesium will be washed out in the drain system.

When you have the brine solution in the brine tank form Micsal you will get the best results ever. Make sure that your water softener appliance uses water softener salt tablets from Micsal, this will works best for you.

Water hardness all over the world


Analysis of water hardness has received a great deal of attention in the developed countries. In major Australian cities the total hardness level of calcium carbonated measured in ppm (part per million) shows the water is very soft in Melbourne 10-26 ppm and very hard in Adelaide 134-148 ppm.


In Canada, while the west coast has very soft water because water comes from mountain lakes. Water in the mountain lakes comes from galleries and melted snow. Therefore, water has no trace of calcium or magnesium ions.

On the contrary, the Prairie provinces have water with total hardness exceeding 200 ppm. Therefore, Water in Prairie provinces comes from the groundwater that contains high concentrations of calcium and magnesium salts, also referred to as Dolomite.

England and Wales

The British Drinking Water Inspectorate reported that hardness of the water in England exceed 200 ppm in most parts. In London, water comes mostly from the River Thames, and River Lea. However, the dry weather flow of the two rivers comes from springs in limestone and chalk aquifers, that is why the water in London becomes hard. In Wales, Devon, Cornwall, and some places in North-West England drink soft water, Birmingham has soft water as well.

We Micsal provide water softener salt tablets to be added to the brine tanks to make a brine solution for water softening. We have products [Comments]™ to help face the problem of hard water.

We, Micsal, are happy to serve you any time. Micsal has a marketing office in London to help you get the water softener salt, feel free to call Micsal on +44(0)7849943301.

United States of America

Water in the USA ranges from hard to very hard with calcium carbonate contents in water stations are measured to be over 120 mg per liter. Soft water is supplied to New England, South Atlantic-Gulf, Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii regions. Very hard water, more than 1000 ppm, is present in streams in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and other regions.

Our company Micsal will deliver water softener salt tablets to the USA by any of various shipping means including EX-work , FOB, CFR, CIF, D.D. Echo salt tablet for water softener salt tablets is used for regeneration of small to medium-sized water softeners at your house. These tablets are useful for your dish washer and laundry machine. Echo salt tablet was manufactured to dissolve perfectly and efficiently in water. No troublesome fine salt particles are formed.

Micsal have two important brand for you ECO and High Q, You have the choice to pick up the one which matches your needs.

ECO salt tablets

They refined sea salt that comes in circular form with a diameter of 25 mm and height of 14 mm, they are  white in color and 100% natural. Eco salt tablets gives you the maximum efficacy and the best results. It is safe for your water softening appliance. Eco salt tablets ensure maximum water softening with no clogging of the pipe system of your appliance. With Eco Salt tablets your water softening will live longer.

Eco salt tablets are top grade salt with white color. Eco sea tablets comes in bags with 99.2% pure sea salt, moisture ≤ 0.3%, and water insoluble 0.06% max.

How to use water softener salt tablets

When you use a purified and high quality water softener salt, you will only change the water softener salt rather than the appliance. High quality water softener salt cut down the maintenance costs and the appliance replacement cost as well.  

In the local market, you will find water softeners with various types, sizes, and properties. Whatever you prefer, maintenance is a must, and should be regularly especially when you are planning to spring cleaning. With the array of water softeners provided in the market Micsal offers you water softener salt tablets for your convenience and satisfaction. water softener salt tablets come from Egypt, the place where a man starts the first steps towards civilization.

In the following section, we are going to focus on the most important maintenance duties you should have to save time in hard times.

Cleaning the cabinet

First, you should pay attention to the cabinet. Clusters of mineral particles pile up in the cabinet.

 Also, these clusters stick to the pipes and block the supply of water. It is obvious the number of clusters that build-up in your appliance cabinet depends on the salt used for softening water. When you use water softener salt tablets from our company Micsal you will test the difference yourself.  

How to do it?

First, disconnect your appliance from the power supply and water supply. Then, wait a while to dry up before starting to scrap off salt and wiping it clean by a vacuum. You will find that the more refined salt, the lesser the accumulation of clusters. You may be confront with a difficult situation. The clusters are still there. Use water softener salt tablets for water softener and it will be OK.

Cleaning the brine line

After disconnecting the power and water supply, try to unscrew the brine line. and then, rinse the line with warm water. You can use a bulb syringe to unclog the blocked pipes.

Again, we recall this as a hard to achieve mission, water softener salt tablets from Micsal, ECO or High Q, will do the trick for you.

Take care of the injector

Continuous use of the appliance would make the injector to clog. Separate the injector from the filter film and wash it off.  Then, you can use dish detergent for this purpose, and after that, fix it back again. You need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for the first time. And then, it will be a piece of cake.


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