What do you know about pure sea salt? and its benefits


Pure Sea Salt is natural


Pure Sea Salt is natural

Pure Sea salt produced by evaporation of salt water lakes or lagoons. Besides, seawater entrapped and isolated from the main sea supply and left for the sun heat to complete the process of evaporation.

Unlike the refined salt, pure sea salt is darker in color and rich in essential minerals. These minerals come to the sea salt from the clay lining the water body. that is why pure sea salt is also called bay salt or evaporation salt.

The refined salt is the same as this salt except that the attached impurities removed through complicated processes. Other minerals added according to certain protocols such as iodine and anti-caking agents. Then, only sodium chloride is what is left after the refining process.

The pure sea salt passes through a few processing procedures. So, it keeps all the moisture and minerals in nature. These minerals readily absorbed and utilized by the body systems.  Because of its natural source, the quality and quantity of these minerals vary from one place to another.

Where the pure sea salt comes from

The pure sea salt harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. The conventional methods used in harvesting sea salt. Also, a Celtic sea is also a place where we can get the natural pure sea salt. The Celtic Sea is between the South of England and the West of Europe continent. Moreover, Celtic sea salt also harvested by a conventional method that is different from that used in the Mediterranean and other places. People collect sea salt by hand using wooden tools. This natural ways of collecting the sea salt help the salt retain its essential minerals.

The value of pure sea salt

The nutritional value

The mineral treasure trove of the open sea is harvested when we harvest the sea salt using conventional ways. in addition to that, there are more than 82 essential trace minerals and nutrients in the pure sea salt. These minerals and nutrients are very vital to the human body. From nature, we have potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, iron, copper, and zine just to name a few. Sodium and chloride are mainly present in pure sea salt.


Health value

Pure sea salt is very beneficial for the health of our body organs. It is the gift of nature to us. Here, we are going to discuss some of these useful benefits of sea salt that comes purely from Mother Nature.

Skin care

Sea salt comes from the closed seas or lakes and is known for its rejuvenating effect on the skin. Hence, Immersing in the Dead Sea water keeps the skin moisturized and vitalized.

In addition to that, Roughness and inflammation on the skin surface are all eliminated when touching the water from the Dead Sea. Magnesium salt could be the explanation for its curative effect.

Oral health

Fluoride is useful for dental health. The pure sea salt contains fluoride in considerable amounts. Therefore, This water salt used for dental protection. Fluorine in this salt prevents caries development and cavities formation.

Moreover, when you rinse and gargle every day with this salt, mouth sores are alleviated. In addition, bleeding gums, oral ulcers, and sore throats pain are all vanish with the use of this salt.

Relief of rheumatic pain

The effect of the pure sea salt on pain relieve has been studied thoroughly. This salt has proved to possess a pain relieving effect that has been demonstrated on patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Besides, It proved that bathing in water with added pure sea water alleviates rheumatoid pain more effectively than adding only sodium chloride.


It has been demonstrated that pure sea salt is very useful in removing dead skin particles. The pure sea salt tones up the skin tissue as it encourages skin blood circulation, and promotion of skin renewal.

This exfoliative effect encourages the manufacture of skin scrubs, antiperspirants, and deodorants. It seems that the granular nature of the pure sea salt is behind the cleaning and smoothing effect on the skin.

Moreover, Sea salt scrub is described for its enhancement of circulation for those who suffer from poor blood circulation especially skin circulation.

Prevention of dehydration and balances fluids

Skin diseases

Water and salt go hand in hand in our body. This means where sodium goes water goes with it. In medical terms, when you have sodium in your body, water retained with sodium. On the contrary, when you lose sodium, you lose water as well. So, our bodies need sodium to retain water, and water is essential for life.

Also, sodium needed to counter potassium in the body. Sodium and potassium are two electrolytes that work in a unique pattern to ensure proper fluid balance in our bodies. Then, these two electrolytes, sodium and potassium counteract each other to keep water inside and outside the cells.

Our company Micsal

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