What is dish washer salt, why and when we using it ?


dish washer salt

What is it -dish washer salt?

Dish washer salt is a special form of sodium chloride (table salt) that used for water softening in dish washers. The dish washer salt granulated, crystalline or tablet. dish washer salt can used for both domestic and industrial purposes. Some dish washer machines have a water softener unit built-in. They should be fed with dish washer salt to work perfectly.

What dish washer salt do in dish washers?

You may ask how the dish washer salt works to soften water in dish washers. The answer is simple, this salt is similar in action to the water softener salt. This salt acts by regenerating the ion exchange resins through removing calcium and magnesium ions trapped in the resin. Then, the unwanted ions will removed out of the entire system leaving the water suitable for domestic use including dish washing.

dish washer salt

Why dish washer salt?

The dish washer salt is characterized by its large granular size or in tablet form. The large granular size of this salt ensures the slow and complete dissolution of the salt. This would prevent the clogging of the pipe system of the water softener units and ensure continuous functionality, this salt keeps your dish washer unit safe for a long time.

A warning

We should warn here not to use culinary salts. Culinary salts have anticaking agents and magnesium within its components. Also, table salt is not suitable for softening purposes. Table salt may have iodine added to it in the form of slat with sodium (sodium iodine) or potassium ( potassium iodine). The point is magnesium is present in these types of salts ( culinary salt and table salt). The presence of magnesium will add no help removing magnesium from the ion exchange resins. Moreover, the anticaking agents may form clogs that would harm the softener appliances. Therefore, it is better to not to use these types of salt for the safety of your machine.

What if?

If you don’t use the suitable dish washer salt, limescale built up in the machine systems leading a machine malfunction. You may ask your supplier about the hardness in your area of living or where your industry is. This will determine the level of hardness and then, the proper choice of the procedures, usually dish washer salt, that soften water best in your area. Make it a habit to check the level of the salt of the tanks on a regular basis.

One more thing you should know is that spots and marks become a continuous problem when this salt is not used in the proper way and with the proper amount. These marks, spots, and watermarks would make the detergent agent used for washing not functioning well.  In the end, you are facing a problem of an improperly functioning machine.

When to add the rock salt

The timing to add the rock salt to your washing machine is when the machine is running out of the salt. You may need to check the salt compartment below the bottom dishes rack when you unpack a clean load of dishes. It is the most suitable time to top up with dish washer salt. You may add salt if there is not enough salt in the machine as a preparatory step for the next washing time.

In addition, some new up dish washer machines are provided by an alarm either visual u (you see an indicator in red) or auditory (you hear an alarming sound). Whatever the indicator your machine is provided with,  you should respond and add dish washer salt.  This will help prolong the dish washer lifespan and decrease maintenance costs.

dish washer machine salt

Who is the first inventor of the dish washer machine?

The first inventor of dish washer idea and the machine is Josephine Cochran of Shelbyville, Illinois in the USA. She had applied for her patent in 1887 and it was granted in 1888. The first machine by Cochran was not using electricity. There was no electricity at that time. The machine was operating manually with a water tack below the washing chamber and a reservoir for the detergent.

Nowadays, dishwashers are widely used in our houses and get the advantages of electricity as well. Water softeners are added to the new dishwashers as a two in one appliance for the benefit of the customers. This salt has become one of the most important substances that should be added to the dish washer machine along with the detergents.

When any woman uses her dish washer machine, she should remember the first woman who helped her.

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